Delivering Designs for a Promo Movie for EcoPros

Eco-friendly solutions for any home
EcoPros image of their app

EcoPros is a platform for people interested in eco-friendly solutions for their homes.


The website helps them find the right type of installation, find an expert that can implement it, and schedule a visit.

  • The platform is connected with an existing CRM that connects experts, installers and manufacturers.
  • We were supposed to deliver designs for a promo movie in quite a short time.
  • The client was a well-funded startup with market traction which they needed to maintain.


Preparing the designs required a deep understanding of the client’s needs and users’ expectations. Good communication was key.

  • To deliver best results, Netguru provided a designer who had experience working on a similar product.
  • We designed screens for the platform.
  • We helped the client identify what needs to be shown and emphasized in the promotional video.


All key information that users need is in one place, giving them the ability to consult experts, find a trustworthy installer, and finalize their investment through the website.

  • The product is a great help to users, as it simplifies a complex and stressful process.
  • Netguru’s designs encouraged several investors to contact EcoPros.
  • The client was happy with the results and decided to develop the platform with Netguru.

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