Hiperpool Case Study

Relaunching a live marketplace app in 6 weeks
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Hiperpool is a selective marketplace that connects high-potential business talent to the most exciting opportunities.


The London-based startup had some difficulties finding a quality development team before partnering with Netguru.

  • Difficulty in finding quality software engineers in London.
  • Bad experiences with remote dev teams.
  • Taking control of the code in an overdue project.
  • Reconfiguring a living app with visitors, users and ongoing promotions.


Patience, self-confidence and assertive communication were the keys to gaining trust of the client and performing a rapid overhaul of the Hiperpool recruiting platform. Netguru's team was able to put the project on track and introduce proven project management.

  • Precise planning during the scoping session.
  • Focus on step by step solutions.
  • Upfront and transparent communication with daily updates.
  • Expanding the team to 2 developers.


In less than 2 months, Netguru was able to release a new and stable version of the Hiperpool platform. It was a great success. Netguru helped Hiperpool's founders solve their technical problems and launch a quality product.

  • Delivering a quality recruitment marketplace with great user experience.
  • Building trust in remote dev teams.
  • Stable development that facilitates adding new features and further improving the platform.
  • Access to a scalable development team.


  • 5 minutes to join the community
  • 20 team members
  • 2 months until relaunch
  • 3 years of cooperation

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