Hungr - Case Study

An easy way of getting a tasty meal delivered to your home
hungr mobile app interfaces

The Hungr team had a bad experience with the development team responsible for delivering their key product – an iOS app for food ordering and delivery.


It was crucial for them to launch a stable, bug-free and snappy app as they were looking for the next round of funding. Problems were both on the client and backend side. The app crashed very frequently.

  • Time was a key factor.
  • Proficiency with RoR backend solutions mixed with iOS skills.
  • The new team's ability to pick up, analyse, fix and ship legacy code.


Having assessed the key issues, Netguru put together the best team for the job. As time was a key factor, the team working on the project doubled in numbers to meet all the deadlines.

  • Netguru's leading iOS specialist created a bulletproof crash reporting architecture from scratch.
  • A senior Ruby on Rails consulting expert introduced best software development practices, such as API versioning.
  • Netguru's team contributed to the open source libraries used by the previous development team to make the app's code shippable.


Additional talent added to boost the speed of development. Even though Hungr couldn’t get proper market traction and the app was eventually cancelled, the development was viewed as a success. Hungr’s founders continued to work with Netguru on an undisclosed project.

  • Refactored backend API with additional new features, such as invoicing or multicuisine restaurant search.
  • Updated UI and a new user flow on the iOS client, created on the basis of Mixpanel analytics.
  • No more crashes.

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