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Helping exporters instantly understand a diversified Africa
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Kuingia is a tool for sourcing information from media, research institutes, consultancy reports and multiple social media channels.

It gathers stories in many languages and returns headlines and links in the query language.


  • Sourcing media information from the media in various languages.
  • Finding a strategic, experienced, long-term technological partner.
  • Delivering a minimum viable product (MVP) on a tight budget.


The company's founder decided to build the application in partnership with Netguru’s remote development team. Limited resources required focusing on the core MVP functionalities.

  • Designing a lean MVP within budget constraints.
  • Simplifying the interface to further cut development costs.
  • Providing development expertise and full remote team accessibility.


Netguru adjusted the project to the available budget and built a quality product which delivers real value to Kuingia's first customers.

  • Access to a high quality, scalable design and development team which helped launch the MVP addressing core requirements without going over budget.
  • Increased interest from several corporate customers.
  • Laying the groundwork for the next round of financing.

The budget, the expertise, accessibility. When I had a question or concern there was always the PM or at times the developer was ready to answer me. I never felt I was running blind. Having the access to the software and the team at every stage of development gave me much confidence. The moment I receive next round of funding, I'm on the flight to Poznań immediately. I know that there's a quality dev team ready to work on my product. Netguru understands startups, they have shown patience, and realize it takes a long time to succeed.
Niall McManus from Kuingia

Niall Mcmanus


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