Lemonfrog - Case Study

Full stack development for a sharing economy leader
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Lemonfrog AG has been successfully disrupting the sharing economy since 2007. The company is self-funded and grew to a point where they needed to augment their development team. This led them to look for a remote team and they chose Netguru.


  • Creating a universal tool for building service marketplaces.
  • Attracting new users with a compelling and intuitive design, built by a multi-disciplinary team.
  • Meeting legal requirements for each service.


Netguru's team has worked with Lemonfrog since September 2014. Druing this time, Lemonfrog's web applications have gone through a major upgrade both on the frontend and the backend.

  • Integrating proven software development processes.
  • Providing a full stack service: development, quality assurance, project management and design.
  • Designing an engine with dynamic relations.
  • Harmonising the two development teams through annual social meetings.


Lemonfrog took their sharing economy platform to a new level with improved code quality and user experience. Their business gained market share and drove revenue growth. Netguru's team built Fairboss, a new service providing legal support for the Lemonfrog platform.

  • Reorganising, redesigning and integrating functionalities on the fly.
  • Building a new application in months.
  • Forming a scalable development team.
  • 11 marketplace platforms introduced on the markets of three countries.


  • 300 % increase in dev team size
  • 11 marketplaces on one engine
  • 3 countries
  • 11 months to build an app from scratch
I appreciate the professional attitude, the skills of the developers, great project management and quality assurance. It's definitely good value for money. What's even more important I appreciate the Netguru people I work with. They are an integral part of our team. They have good process, good business model, and maybe that's why they are very motivated.

Tino Wendland

CTO and co-founder at Lemonfrog

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