Paddy Power Case Study

Development support for the leading betting service
Paddy Power app interface

Paddy Power needed support with making their services more secure and with developing new features.


  • Enabling the betting giant to identify existing functional problems in their services.
  • Supporting a live application while developing new features.
  • Providing the client with the ability to perform round-the-clock log analysis.


Netguru's team helped Paddy Power to identify existing problems and created a number of new solutions.

  • Supporting the Paddy Power team with two highly skilled developers.
  • Performing a code review of existing features, identifying and resolving issues.
  • Delivering new features, such as new betting functionality, special bets, and the possibility of changing user preferences.

Key benefits

Paddy Power is the most successful and innovative bookmaker in Ireland.

  • Enhancing Paddy Power products.
  • Providing consistent and reliable control over the code in both staging and production environments.
  • Enabling Paddy Power to advance their business development and increase their status as one of the most popular betting services in the world.

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