Pilot Photonics Case Study

Pioneering integrated comb technology
pilots photonics illustration

Pilot Photonics needed a redesign of their company website, which involved rebuilding the whole thing from scratch.


  • The old website was outdated and not representative of Pilot Photonics’ work.
  • The client needed a top notch site before launching a new product and going for an investment round.


Creating a great design that would seamlessly communicate Pilot Photonics’ unique and technologically complex offer.

  • Netguru produced and implemented beautiful designs for the website.
  • The team, made up of a designer and a developer collaborating closely, was able to understand and convey the client’s message.


Pilot Photonics’ comb technology is being investigated for use in space applications by the European Space Agency.

  • The website design is beautiful, reflecting the project’s ambition and scope.
  • Netguru’s design stands out through its professional yet fresh character.

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