Security Solution for Android - Case Study

Military grade mobile security solution for Android
mobile application front screen for Android

A top security and defense contractor partnered with Netguru to research an end-to-end security solution for Android.


  • Dedicated, secure virtual private network (VPN) connection.
  • Assured 100% security for voice over IP (VOIP).
  • Stable communication with session initiation protocol (SIP) servers.


Netguru provided the Android team, QA specialists and a designer for the project.

  • Research and development involved close, daily collaboration with the client.
  • Creating a customised VPN solution for Android.
  • Implementing a dedicated automated quality assurance solution.


The first version was ready after just five months of development.

  • Prototype built and ready for further development.
  • Product prototype tested on potential customers.
  • Netguru's team developed new skills and learned techniques which helped in further project development.

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