Handy Guide to SaaS Development

Everything you need to know to create a great SaaS product

Many business owners, especially beginners, are in need of recipes for building scalable, high-quality, fast-developing SaaS products.

Discover tips and best practices in the field of developing software behind the best SaaS products.


  • 7 most common myths about creating SaaS products
  • From Freemium to Premium – what makes a SaaS worth paying for?
  • How to choose a SaaS dev team – the risks of going it alone
  • Finding good developers - the traits of a perfect team


Learn the know-how gained by Netguru over the last 10 years working with clients.



We answer the big questions of many SaaS founders:


  • Should you worry about scalability?
  • How much effort should you put into design and user experience?
  • Do you “move fast and break things” or rather “observe and improve”?
  • How do you know if your product even makes sense? What kind of data
    should you collect?

Handy Guide to SaaS Development