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Handy Guide to SaaS Development

Everything you need to know to create a great SaaS product

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Discover tips and best practices in the field of developing software behind the best SaaS products

Many business owners, especially beginners, are in need of recipes for building scalable, high-quality, fast-developing SaaS products

  • 7 most common myths about creating SaaS products
  • From Freemium to Premium – what makes a SaaS worth paying for?
  • How to choose a SaaS dev team – the risks of going it alone
  • Finding good developers - the traits of a perfect team

Learn the know-how gained by Netguru over the last 10 years working with clients.

Get the answers to the biggest questions of many SaaS founders

Should you “move fast and break things” or rather “observe and improve”?
  • Scalability

    Should you worry about scalability?
  • Product Design

    How much effort should you put into design and user experience?
  • Product validation

    How do you know if your product even makes sense?
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