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Helping organisations to innovate and change faster by adopting the startup way of business development. Digital transformation services.

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We help organisations to work more like the startups do – to innovate and change faster.

Becoming more agile requires a cultural shift in an organisation. We do consultative co-sourcing, collaborating closely with our clients’ team to build web and mobile applications.

Last year Netguru delivered 100 software projects for startups. Netguru Labs is taking this experience to large organisations, adopting a new approach to developing organisational culture and application development.

100 startup projects a year
98% satisfied clients
Process and tools optimised for startups
200 people in Europe
Experts in digital product design
Web, iOS and Android development

Your benefits

Unlock innovation with cross‑functional teams and experimentation
Induce faster organisational change through leadership by example
Build great web and mobile applications more efficiently

Successful startups don’t get their business right immediately. Instead, they are good at experimenting quickly and finding the solutions that don’t work.

We combine our expertise with the expertise of our clients to facilitate an experimental process of creation while providing digital transo


We help the customer to identify different approaches to their business development problems, find the best solution, identify the best variant for this solution and keep on improving the chosen solution with experiments.

Launching a new product is only the first part of its lifecycle. This is why our process is built to take advantage of actionable learning throughout the entire lifecycle of a product.

We share the ownership of our projects with our customers and always strive to keep on improving.

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