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Hello Subscriber, welcome to Codestories newsletter!

I’ve been part of the team working behind this newsletter for almost two years now, but it’s the first time I actually have the pleasure of curating it. I hope you won’t be disappointed.

As we’re heading towards the end of the year, two things are certain.
1. Last Christmas will soon conquer the radio once again.
2. Every notable brand will soon start publishing their 2021 Summary and 2022 Prediction pieces.

While you can always find some precious gems of inspiration there, these can often be filled out with SEO-focused, non-readable baloney. As always, be careful when choosing sources of information.

In other news, LinkedIn recently released their newsletter feature to all users. If you have a nice idea for your own newsletter, it’s the best moment to jump in. Very soon we’ll be flooded with “Subscribe to” notifications, making the network immune to this recommendation mechanism. Definitely recommended.

Let’s connect on LinkedIn, feel free to share your newsletter once it’s live.

Have a great rest of the week!

Sałak Rafał 2-1
Rafał Sałak
Communications Team Leader
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🧠 Weekly Highlights

  • Is BNPL a target for fraud?
  • Feel the future, courtesy of Meta
  • A map of the newest and hottest fintech trends
  • Startups get ignored at COP26
  • Subscribe to your newsletter on...LinkedIn?

ℹ️ News

📌 Must-reads

Explore fintech trends and new products (Awesome FinTech)

Check out this great map of the latest products and updates.

How buy now, pay later is transforming consumer spending (Netguru)

Download our in-depth report on what’s behind this major shift.

🌿 Sustainable Tech

Cop26: Startups are 'not invited to the table' for climate talks (Sifted)

Innovators were strangely absent from key meetings at the event.

💡Get inspired

A detailed state of content ops and outsourcing report (Marketplace)

Netguru’s Nat Chrzanowska joins marketing experts who share their expertise on the state of content.

How to start your LinkedIn newsletter (LinkedIn)

Users and pages with more than 150 followers can launch a newsletter. Should this be your next move?

A new newsletter! The Innovation Brief (Radek Zaleski)

My daily source of fresh industry news.

⚙️ Tips & tricks

How to avoid common mistakes when validating digital products (Netguru)

What due diligence do you need to do before scaling your business?

🗞 Quote of the week

“Every company has values. They might be unspoken and not clearly defined, but they exist from day one, as soon as there’s more than one person in the company. Not making an effort to articulate them and keep them alive can seriously hinder your business’s growth.”
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Marek Talarczyk

CEO at Netguru

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