How to manage a development consulting agency

Get tips on all stages of collaboration with a software development agency, from the very choice of an agency to the successful conclusion of the project.



You will learn tips & tricks on:


  • Things to establish before the collaboration starts
  • Things to hand over at the start of the collaboration
  • Things to watch for during the collaboration
  • Things to make sure about when any problems arise 
  • Things to do to enable effective communication
  • Things to take care of after the launch of the product 


Want to make sure your collaboration with a software agency is successful?


  • Learn which things you have to check before choosing the agency
  • Check the internal processes and workflows
  • Learn how to effectively ask questions and get the right answers
  • Learn how to specify the requirements for your MVP
  • Know how to set up the necessary communication channels
  • Check out ways of solving possible conflicts