We are hiring!                      Remote 3D Experts

Earn €1750-3070 as a regular 3D expert or €4100-6300 as a senior 3D expert.


Join Netguru Talent Marketplace, a proven partner for tech-minded freelancers and experts. Thanks to us, you will have access to various project-based opportunities and can collaborate with different companies and industries. As a result, you will not only gain more experience but also develop a variety of skills you didn’t even know you had. Work the way you like, on your terms, with no strings attached.

Netguru is an experienced product and UX design agency. We provide you with a whole range of services, from business idea to product delivery. Firstly, you can create a unique value proposition before design or development starts.

Over the past ten years, Netguru has changed the way people bank, listen to music, learn languages, and rent bicycles. Some of their clients include Fortune 500 companies and startups like Altostack.ioNewstHerdius and more. Netguru works with the largest brands in the world, such as VolkswagenIKEA or Keller Williams.


Joining Netguru means:


  • working with an experienced team;
  • 100% remote work; we've developed a perfect remote work culture;
  • startup type projects – our clients come from all over the world, and we help them turn their dreams into reality and find the most suitable working solutions;
  • processes based on the Scrum and Agile methodologies;
  • continuous development of your hard and soft skills.


Apply if you have:


  • Strong portfolio showcasing your skills and experience
  • Proficiency in Blender, Cinema 4D or a similar software
  • Experience in modeling from blueprints and 2D illustrations
  • Retouching and post-production skills (Photoshop and After Effects)
  • A good command of written and spoken English (CEFR C1+; Polish is not required).
  • Great team-working skills


We'll be happy to see that you have:


  • Experience in generating assets for such frameworks as Three.js, A-frame, Babylon.js, Playcanvas, or other similar ones highly appreciated
  • Experience with 3D printing, industrial design and ergonomics

In return, we offer:


      • 100-percent remote work;
      • work with an experienced team of Product Designers and developers and continuous development of your hard and soft skills;
      • a mentor who will assist you during your first days;
      • long-term collaboration on challenging products (FinTech, B2B software, E-commerce and more).

You'll be responsible for:


    • Conducting an end-to-end 3D creation process including such stages as early-stage conceptual sketching, 3d modeling, texturing, and rendering
    • Creating high-poly and low-poly models (humanoids, abstract, hard surface) for the promotional and product (mobile and web) purposes
    • Creating UV Maps
    • Running post-production, using such tools as Adobe Photoshop and After Effects
    • Presenting the results of work to the product team and client at every stage of the process
    • Generating proper types of 3D assets and co-operating with the development team


Looking for a full-time job? Check out our Career Page and find out more about our open recruitment processes.

If you need any disability-related adaptation at any step of the recruitment process – simply let the recruiter know! We'd be happy to help.

We are hiring 3D Experts