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Senior Ruby on Rails Developer

From Ruby on Rails & Elixir department

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EUR 4 800 - 8 400 for Senior Ruby on Rails Developer

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Currently, we are looking for a Senior Ruby on Rails Developer familiar with (or willing to learn) Ember, who possess excellent technical, soft and leadership skills to join one of the ongoing, long term projects for this client.

  • Required skills: experience in ElasticSearch or similar, knowledge of Ruby on Rails, experience in Ember (willingness to learn it), excellent English communication skills; motivated by giving & receiving feedback; eagerness to solve complex problems; ability to work cross-functionally with distributed teams, sometimes with teams in the CET timezone;
  • We offer: 100% remote work, flextime & flexplace, dev-friendly processes, long-term collaboration.

Apply if you:

  • have experience/skill set of a seasoned Product Engineer so that:
    • you know what product changes could help improve the product or system,
    • you understand direction and roadmap for a team deeply, collaborating and contributing where necessary,
    • you are eager to lead team projects in delivering solutions to big, critical problems,
    • you have worked closely with clients and maintained positive relationships with them,
    • you are proactive and competent in understanding what other team members are working on and why,
    • you can work independently / with a high ambiguity team in its early stages,
    • you have a consulting and proactive approach towards suggesting further stages of development,
    • you are able to scope, plan and monitor the work of other team members,
    • you make sure that all stakeholders are up-to-date with the current situation, blockers, and plans;

  • are a Senior Ruby on Rails Developer (any additional stack will be a plus), have good knowledge of CSS; ElasticSearch; ElasticSearch APIs;
  • have extensive experience with Ember or is willing to learn Ember;
  • have observability experience in high-scale systems (Honeycomb, Datadog);
  • can communicate very well in spoken and written English (CEFR C1);
  • can work cross-functionally with distributed teams, sometimes with teams in the CET timezone;

We'll be happy to see that you:

  • have experience with React;
  • have experience with SMS;
  • can contribute to technical strategy at the team or strategic area level;
  • effectively execute on any technical challenge, project, or issue in the teams’ remit;
  • own issues backlog and deliberately manage key concerns like velocity, security, and availability risks;
  • can leverage teammates to effectively close out bugs;
  • can proactively invest in skills that help grow as a technical leader, force multiplier or expert executor;
  • can teach, mentor and coach other Engineers in an inclusive and proactive way;
  • gain mastery over organization level obligations like recruiting, giving and receiving feedback;
  • can drive larger initiatives that contribute to the growth towards excellence of our Engineering organization.

Joining Senior Ruby on Rails Developer on this project means:

  • working on a fast-growing messenger platform;
  • processes based on the Scrum and Agile methodologies;
  • helping the team to find solutions to issues by proactively suggesting solutions and driving their executions;
  • providing feedback and support for other team members.

Examples of projects you may have:

  • Project 1.
    • The main focus of the team is on automation technologies (messaging bots, rules), self-service (content such as articles in the help center), and human support (teams of people supporting users through conversations).
    • Tech stack: RoR, ElasticSearch, System focused engineers.
  • Project 2.
    • The team is in charge of constructing and maintaining the company's web Messenger.
    • Creating a new end-user experience, unifying their conversations across multiple channels (Messenger Hub).
    • Tech stack: Frontend engineers, strong experience with React, CSS, Ruby nice to have.
  • Project 3.
    • The self-serve business team is responsible for growth in the segment of the company’s business not supported by the sales team.
    • Tech stack: Ruby (rails), js (ember), working with Salesforce, Next.JS framework, React, HTML/CSS, Styled JSX. Main application is connected to Contentful - any experience with this CMS might be a big bonus point.
  • Project 4.
    • Work related to the reporting system. Maintaining existing reports, making new, helping other teams with creating their reports.
    • Tech stack: Rails, ElasticSearch experience, knowledge of ES APIs, Ember.js, AWS nice to have.

In return, we offer:

  • 100-percent remote work;
  • possibility of a long-term collaboration on other challenging products in the future;
  • ability to work in product company;
  • work with an experienced team of developers and continuous development of your hard and soft skills;
  • dev-friendly processes such as Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Code Review and bug bashes;
  • working in an environment where every initiative is welcome;
  • an opportunity to create tech plans, implement them, provide ideas for refactoring and improvements as well;
  • working in a unique engineering culture where everyone is a Product Engineer.

What will happen next?

  • We would like to know you better, so we will invite you for a meeting with our recruiter.
  • Next, you'll be asked to solve the task or invited to an interview and pair programming with one of our Developers.

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