Mobile Apps Freebie

Four shiny mobile apps ready to use in your next project. Crafted with love during our last design hackathon. Enjoy!
mobile freebies
Netguru designers at work

Four different app layouts designed with love

Free to use for commercial projects

The freebie pack includes 23 different screens from 4 different apps:

  • Smart Home App, which allows you to easily connect to smart home appliances from your smartphones and wearable devices
  • Personal Assistant, which will help you in your daily activities
  • App number 3 lets you check if the shoes you want to buy are available in nearby stores
  • Nomad, a simple solution for the digital nomads and other freelancers, who work a lot and travel a lot, and sometimes do both things at the same time

Ready-made templates

For Sketch and Adobe PS
  • Designed during hackathon

    At Netguru we regularly run internal design hackathons. Four designers chose to work on mobile applications, and we are happy to present them to you as a freebie set!

  • Free to use

    All apps are completely free to use – both in personal and commercial projects. They are fully editable and include lots of reusable components.

  • From designers to designers

    We wanted to give something back to the community, whose help we have enjoyed for so long. Follow us on Dribbble and Behance and never miss out on our freebies!

Get your Mobile Freebies now and use them in your next project!

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Netguru designers at work