💥Design Brief #103: Usability of Multi-selecting, Google Photos Web UI, Basic Design Principles, Consent Forms and Lyft’s New UI

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Dawid Woźniak

Jul 19, 2018 • 5 min read
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Welcome to the 103rd edition of Design Brief – our weekly selection of news and tips from the design world.

Improving the Usability of Multi-selecting From a Long List

Selecting multiple items from a list was never a pleasant task. There are some innovative solutions that work okay on big screens, but usually they are a nightmare to use on mobile devices. Read about the most common problems with different solutions for multi-selecting in this informative case study. Read more

Building the Google Photos Web UI

A few years ago Antin Harasymiv, UX Engineer at Google, was on the Google Photos team and participated in the initial launch in 2015. Today, he shares the challenges and lessons learned from the project. Here is a technical write up about how the team solved those challenges, and a peek under the hood of how the web version of Google Photos works. Read more

7 Basic Design Principles We Forget About

There are a lot of design principles that we should use in our designs, but there are 7 basic ones that we should always go through whenever a new product is finished. What are these 7 rules? How can you apply them in your process? And, more importantly, how will they help you find the right balance that works for your product and users? Read more

“Make it Pop”: How to Not Suck at Giving Feedback

Getting feedback on your creative work is vital to its success for a variety of reasons. Creatives crave constructive feedback on their work, but it can be hard to find (and give). We may not even recognize it when we ourselves are giving bad feedback. So how do you ensure that the feedback you’re giving is useful? Read more

Anatomy of a User Research Consent Form

Dr. David Travis is a User Experience Strategist working in the fields of human factors, usability, and user experience. The notion of obtaining consent from research participants is nothing new to him. However, the advent of GDPR gave him an opportunity to review what he does at Userfocus. As a result, he came up with some areas for improvement that went beyond just gaining informed consent. Read more

What Every Product Designer Should Take Away from Lyft’s New UI

In most apps, it’s common to see a search bar up at the top of the screen. Why? “Users have been trained to expect a search (if there is one) at the top. It’s a convention that a designer breaks at their own risk”, a Quora post warns. Why then did a product designer at Lyft break the rule and put the search bar in a different location? Read more

How to Hack People Loyalty with Care?

Having a lot of friends proves how much effort and time you have spent building a loving community around you. Care requires the same effort and it should be mandatory for every startup. Here’s a story about how Jérémy Brunet, the founder of Peter, crashed into care and designed a scalable process to boost users to root for his first startup. Read more

Photo of Dawid Woźniak

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