💥Design Brief #108: Product Strategy, MealPal Redesign, Micro-Moments and Micro-interactions, Blockchain-Based Smart Contracts, and Atlassian Design System

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Dawid Woźniak

Aug 23, 2018 • 5 min read

Welcome to the 108th edition of Design Brief – our weekly selection of news and tips from the design world.

Designers, Here’s How You Can Shape Product Strategy

According to Annie Tang, Product Designer at Opendoo, coming up with ideas isn’t the hardest part  of creating a product –  the hard part is validating the idea, effectively communicating it across the company, and building it out. Here are three things she learned in her career as a product designer about shaping product strategy and turning ideas into reality. Read more

Cooking Up a Better UX for MealPal

Adam Fisher‑Cox, who works in the product team at TopResume, recently took the challenge of redesigning MealPal, an app that enables users to get lunch from dozens of restaurants. His goal was to improve and simplify the user experience. What was the result? Read more

Designing for Micro-moments

In Google’s never-ending journey to make the web a mobile-friendly place, we now have even greater insights into the four key reasons why consumers reach for their mobile devices. These are known as micro-moments, and this post aims to teach you how to design for micro-moments to increase website conversion rates. Read more

The 4 UX Problems When Designing Blockchain-Based Smart Contracts

Yuval Keshtcher shares his experiences and lessons learned from designing a blockchain-based smart contract experience for one of his clients, bitjob. In this post, you will learn what is a blockchain-based smart contract, what are the most common problems when creating one, and why designers should care. Read more

AI Has Become a Top UX Design Challenge: Here’s How to Solve It

The architects of UX are facing a daunting new challenge: How do you integrate AI into the seamless user experience you’ve strived to create? The key to creating a positive user experience around AI is trust. Building AI software may not fall under a UX designers’ job description, but integrating it into the user experience has become a principal UX design challenge. Read more

Using Micro-interactions to Enhance Search

You should use micro interactions with care and make sure that they don’t burden users’ experiences with unnecessary animations, instead of directing them towards a path, presenting functionality based on context, or providing them delightful feedback. Here’s a short entry on how micro interactions can improve search. Read more

The Key Lessons I Learned Creating a Popular Design System

In 2012, Matt Bond, Product Design Manager at Asana, started a small side project to standardize the design patterns and user experience of 12 software products at Atlassian. Over the next 3 years, this small side project turned into a full time job that involved creating and shipping several versions of the Atlassian Design System. How did this journey go? Read more

Photo of Dawid Woźniak

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