💥Design Brief #111: Design with Difficult Data, Design Vetting, UX Redesign and Responsive Design, Tips for Designing Faster, UI Design for Color Blind Users and Universal Design

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Dawid Woźniak

Sep 13, 2018 • 6 min read

Welcome to the 111th edition of Design Brief – our weekly selection of news and tips from the design world.

Design with Difficult Data

If you’ve ever been asked to design a profile screen for a mobile or web app, chances are you will need to include an avatar, a name, a job title, and a location. Regardless of your choice of tools, you’re probably going to end up with some placeholder data. Here’s a guide on how to incorporate more difficult data into your design process. Read more

Design Vetting: A Process for Getting Actionable Feedback on Your Designs

UX Movements offers a book for designers who are tired of their revisions going nowhere and want to take control of the type of feedback they’re getting. In this book, you will learn about Design Vetting, a three-stage process that will save you countless hours, improve communication, and streamline your review process. Read more

Taking Ownership as a New Grad Designer at Google

Tiffany Eaton, an Interaction Designer at Google, shares what she’s learned about effective communication with engineers and project managers. Here are some tips that help her remember what to do within the design process to ensure success on the design side of things. You can learn from these guidelines too. Read more

Everywoman’s Health Centre: UX Redesign and Responsive Design

Here’s an insightful case study about a website redesign for a non-profit women’ health clinic, Everywoman’s Health Centre. After the kick-off meeting with the client and looking through their current website, the biggest challenge was to reorganize the clutter in the website’s content. How did it go and what are the results of the redesign? Read more

9 Tips for Designing Faster and More Efficiently so You Don’t Go Insane

Jon Moore, Senior Design Partner at Innovatemap, and a co-founder of UX Power Tools, shares the techniques he picked up when building UX Power Tools design system. Moore is an active designer and uses this design system for 10 hours a day, along with every technique mentioned in this article. Check those techniques out and see how they can help you design more efficiently. Read more

An Interaction Designer Tries to Make a Bank Transfer

Chris Atherton, a co-host of Small Differences, lives in Norway, and her friend Hester is moving from Spain to Sweden. They both have British bank accounts. So if he wants to send her money, the easiest way would be to do it from his UK bank account to her UK bank account, right? Not necessarily. Atherton shares his experience of UX experience done wrong. Read more

Designing UI with Color Blind Users in Mind

According to some studies, approximately 1 in every 12 men (and 1 in every 200 women) is color-blind. With this in mind, Rich Staat, the founder of Secret Stache Media shares some tips on how you can improve your site’s accessibility and create the experience that caters to color-blind people. Read more

7 Principles of Universal Design

The term "Universal Design" was coined in the 1990s by Ronald Mace and a team of architects, product designers, and engineers. Although the principles were originally created for architecture and appliances, not websites, you can see that their application extends to the digital realm. Read more

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