💥Design Brief #113: Motion Design, Micro-interactions, Dark Patterns, Accessibility for eCommerce, UX Design Fails, and Designing Microsoft Azure

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Dawid Woźniak

Oct 4, 2018 • 5 min read

Welcome to the 113th edition of Design Brief – our weekly selection of news and tips from the design world.

Motion Design Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Motion makes UIs expressive and easy to use. Despite having so much potential, motion is perhaps the least understood of all the design disciplines. Does this mean UI motion is complicated? Jonas Naimark, Motion Designer at Google, shares best practices and guidelines to establish a practical and subtle motion style in your app. Read more

Using Micro-interactions to Enhance Fields

Can we improve the experience of booking flights? Here are some basic examples of how airlines could enhance the customer experience using micro-interactions. By following these rules, they can make booking a flight faster and more pleasant. On top of that, these guidelines can be applied in many more businesses. Read more

Dark Patterns And Other Design No-Nos For Mobile

The mobile web is a booming place right now, which means web designers are spending lots of time trying to figure out how to win over this particular class of users. One way not to do that? Dark patterns. While your company may get some superficial and short-term gains in the process, nothing good will come of it in the long-run. Read more

Creating Users, Not Addicts

Technology, for all of its benefits, makes us more anxious. Polling conducted by Common Sense Media showed that 59% of parents think their teens are addicted to their mobile devices, and 50% of teens agree with them. What’s our responsibility, as designers and other creators, when it comes to creating media for an addiction-prone culture? Read more

Hands-on With ARIA: Accessibility for eCommerce

Looking to make your site more accessible? Or maybe you want to make it easier to traverse your site using browsers and other interfaces? Using ARIA, you can do both. Take a look at what ARIA is and how it can benefit an eCommerce site. Finally, learn step by step how you can implement it in your site. Read more

Weird UX Design Fails in 2018 that We Will Never Understand

Although user experience (UX) is only a part of customer experience (CX), its impact on the bottom line can be significant over the long run. Still, many companies fail to deliver good UX and UI. Here are some examples of UX flops from a variety of industries. Read more

Designing for Scale and Complexity

Joe Hallock and Leon Welicki from Microsoft share an interesting story about how they implemented the Fluent Design System across Microsoft Azure. Learn how these changes increased productivity and improved usability, consistency, and accessibility for a highly complex and evolving cloud which Azure is. Read more

Photo of Dawid Woźniak

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