💥Design Brief #114: Human-centred Design, the Psychology of Design, UX Writing, and Micro Nudges

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Dawid Woźniak

Oct 18, 2018 • 5 min read

Welcome to the 114th edition of Design Brief – our weekly selection of news and tips from the design world.

Designing Experiences To Improve Mental Health

Designing apps for mental health is one area where UX designers can have a huge impact. In this article Marli Mesibov, VP of Content Strategy at Mad*Pow, will look at the issues with today’s apps and guidelines which help ensure that UX practitioners are using clinically proven methods for improving mental health treatment. Read more

How Not to Design a Product Like Everyone Else’s

To create a great product that solves a need and stands out from the competitors, you must have a human-centred design approach. Even though a lot of companies aspire to it, not many really get it. Eugen Eşanu, Creative Director at Laroche.co, points out the most common mistakes and gives tips that will help you with your human-centered design process. Read more

How to Build a Case for a Product Redesign

Here’s the story on of redesigning Fabric Crashlytics in Firebase, a crash reporting tool that helps mobile app developers understand why their apps are crashing. Their goal was to do a visual design update of Crashlytics, but it was also a chance to rethink the entire user experience, rather than just port over the features as they were. What was the result? Read more

Motion Design Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Motion helps make UIs expressive and easy to use. Despite having so much potential, motion is perhaps the least understood of all the design disciplines. Jonas Naimark, Motion Designer at Google, tries to prove that motion design doesn’t have to be hard and shows some best practices to follow to master it. Read more

The Psychology of Design

There are a number of debates about which additional skills designers should learn. Skills like coding, writing, or business management are incredibly valuable, but perhaps not essential. However, fundamentals of psychology seem to be a field that every designer should learn. This article will tell you where to start, which principles from psychology are useful, and what are some examples of these principles at work. Read more

The 3 Elements of Great UX Writing

When it comes to UX, word choice doesn't tend to get much attention. However, the copy you use in your interfaces, the language you use to create your guided tutorials, and even the phrasing of your push notifications can have an immense impact on the overall feel and success of your product. Here’s how to get better at UX writing. Read more

Micro Nudge: A Micro Animation for Behavioral Change

A micro nudge is a well-timed small animation that prompts the user to do a “small” task that they may have otherwise forgotten or missed. Check out some good and bad examples of micro nudges, the psychology behind them, and learn how to leverage them in your product. Read more

Photo of Dawid Woźniak

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