💥 Design Brief #42: Consistency Linear UX and Algorithm-Driven Design

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Dawid Woźniak

Apr 13, 2017 • 4 min read

In this week’s Design Brief, you’ll find some pro tips about Algorithm-Driven Design, Linear UX and website accessibility. Enjoy!

Behind Vox.com’s Homepage Refresh

This week, Vox.com has relaunched its homepage. It’s their first redesign since 2014 and we can see some major improvements in the general look of the site and its navigation. See what’s behind the redesign process. Read more

Why Writing Is Useful for Designers

Design puts big emphasis on visuals often neglecting the content side. However, the latter is as important as the first one. Even if designers are not natural-born writers they should also practice this skill to be able to spread their great works in the community. Read more

Linear UX

Widely known in game design, linear UX helps you create user- and goal-oriented experiences. The approach that has also been used in offline environments, is extremely functional and solution driven. Knowing its basic principles and assumptions you can create great products. Read more

Great User Experience, Small Budget: Laura Klein’s UX Tips For ‘Lean Startups'

A set of useful UX tips from Laura Klein, the author of “Build Better Products & UX for Lean Startups”. In this short interview she unveils the secrets of great UX and points out the biggest mistakes in user experience that startups make. Read more

The Challenges Web Designers Face in Ensuring Website Accessibility

Website accessibility is something that many designers overlook in their projects. However, it plays an important role in overall user experience. With these proven tools and pro tips you can make sure your website is fully available online. Read more

Design principle: Consistency

Consistency is the most known and the most fragile design principle that is very often ignored by designers when they try to implement to many complex concepts into their projects. Understanding and combining the design fundamentals like visual hierarchy, typography and usability patterns will bring incredible results. Read more

Algorithm-Driven Design

Artificial Intelligence is changing many sectors and it also has substantial impact on design. Dive into algorithm-driven design and learn how to create UI or personalize UX using algorithm-driven design tools with resources available there. Read more

Photo of Dawid Woźniak

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