💥 Design Brief #46: New IKEA Online Experience, Designing Purpose & User Onboarding

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Dawid Woźniak

May 18, 2017 • 4 min read

Welcome to the 46th edition of Design Brief. This week, we’ve dug up some stories on user onboarding, website redesign and writing in experience design. Enjoy!

What We Talk About When We Talk About Design Thinking

What is design thinking and how to utilise it to get yourself and your clients on the same page about the project, goals, and who you’re building it for. With this three-step guide, you’ll improve the quality of your work, the relationships you build with your clients, your portfolio, and the number of contracts you get. Read more

Designing Purpose

A purpose is “the process of getting to know yourself better, so when faced with key life decisions, you know who you are, making it easier to decide where to go”. As many young people feel the mounting pressure to achieve, but still struggle to find agency and meaning behind it, Minnie Bredouw, Creative Lead at IDEO, explains six simple ways of designing purpose. Read more

Shopping Made Personal - How We Translated IKEA's Offline Experience Into the Concept of a Seamless Online App

Walking into an IKEA store is like seeing snapshots of people’s lives – it’s storytelling in an interactive form. The online IKEA experience, however, pales in comparison, because it’s lifeless and dull. Netguru’s got a way to fix this. See how much IKEA’s online store can change, if we add a little bit of human touch. Read more

User Onboarding Spotlight: Why Yummly’s UX is Absolutely Delicious

Yummly is a recipe app that allows users to discover, index, and share recipes from all over the world. What distinguishes the app from other similar products is the delightful user experience and its well-thought design, the user onboarding in particular. Read more

Marketing Design — How We Improved Our Conversion Rate at Highrise

Great insights from Highrise, a simple CRM provider, on how a website redesign improved the conversion rate. Based on customer feedback, the company implemented slight changes to the content and UI. An hour of work brought a 35-percent bump in the conversion rate. Read more

Dropbox’s John Saito on The Role of Writing in Experience Design

An interesting interview with John Saito, a UX Writer at Dropbox, about the importance of writing in experience design. John explains how to find and document your product’s voice, when a startup should hire a writer, how to localise your content, and much more. The interview is also available on Soundcloud. Read more

Photo of Dawid Woźniak

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