💥 Design Brief #58: Animation In Design Systems, Float Label Pattern, Building Block Design and Job Story

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Dawid Woźniak

Aug 25, 2017 • 7 min read

Welcome to the 58th edition of Design Brief, our weekly selection of news and tips from the design world.

Crossing The Road In The World of Autonomous Cars

“Autonomous vehicles will need to communicate their behavior and intentions to human drivers, pedestrians, and potentially other autonomous vehicles. These means of communication will need to become as familiar as looking at a crosswalk signal or traffic light.” Based on this assumption, designers try to prototype a virtual world of autonomous vehicles that will communicate their intentions to pedestrians. Read more

Float Label Pattern In UX Form Design

The initial idea of the float label pattern was simple: “animate placeholder text to show an icon beside the input so the user does not lose context”. This concept has evolved a little with time. Now, it can be a solution that saves space, looks clean and clear, and, as a result, can increase the form usability, encouraging users to fill out forms. Read more

10 Things UX Writers Hate To Hear

John Saito, a UX writer at Dropbox, shares ten fake conversations based on real-life situations to give you a better picture of what it is like to design words. Having talked to many UX writers from different companies, he realised that they all face similar challenges in their jobs. Can you relate to them? Read more

Why Blockchain Needs Design

Blockchain could be the technology that will simplify the incredibly complicated global supply chain. The structural framework behind bitcoin is a digital record of transactions that are cryptographically secured, and effectively. As blockchain is a complex technology, by its nature, it will need to design interfaces, and IBM is on a good track to creating them. Read more

Integrating Animation Into a Design System

Integrating animation in design systems as the product develops can lead to inconsistencies, duplications, and a major rework in the long run. The upside is that it provides space for creative explorations and discoveries of what works and what doesn’t. On the other hand, it might be difficult to prioritize guidelines early in the design process. No matter what approach you choose, it’s crucial to view things in relation to guiding principles, patterns of usage, and building blocks. Read more

People Don't Buy Your Product, They Buy Your Story

Michael Margolis, the founder of Get Storied, explains that “the way people respond to any brand is not about the content, but about the story they tell themselves about what that content means to them”. It means that a brand is far more than a name or a logo – it’s the stories that people tell about you. Read more

Building Block Design: a Modular Design Strategy For UXers

In contrasts to other models, building block design doesn’t ask you to think about the content of your modules first. Instead, it asks you to focus on the strategy behind that content. Only then you can start designing how that content will be represented in the interface to eventually define the UX of your product. Read more

Foundations of Interaction Design

Christina Wodtke, a teacher at California College of the Arts, started a course on the foundations of interactive design. She shares the goals, process, projects, and outcomes of the class. Whether you’re a teacher, an experienced designer, or a student you can take a lot out of this story. Read more

Data-Informed Design: Minimize the Website Redesign Debate

A data-driven approach to website design can help you build a better user experience, adjusted to user’s real needs. Data enables your teams to discover patterns and trends, improve an existing approach or idea, and validate a change, new direction, or decision. Inthis article, you will learn how to use data to answer popular re-design questions. Read more

Replacing The User Story With The Job Story

When building a product from scratch, creating user stories might be problematic. It might lock you into too many assumptions with no specific context. Job Stories, a concept described by guys at intercom, is a good alternative that helps define features. Read more

Photo of Dawid Woźniak

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