💥 Design Brief #60: Airbnb’s Prototyping Tool, UberEATS Case Study, Design Systems, Anti-design and Augmented Reality

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Dawid Woźniak

Sep 8, 2017 • 5 min read

Welcome to the 60th edition of Design Brief, our weekly selection of news and tips from the design world.

The Airbnb Tool That’s Changing UI Design

Originated in a Madison Avenue creative, Airbnb’s prototyping tool is what everyone is adopting right now. The hot new design software, called Lottie, lets you make an animation inside After Effects and export it to an iOS or Android app as part of the app’s actual interface. This open-source software has been adopted into the workflows at Google, Uber, the New York Times, and Instacart. What is it all about? Read more

Tips for Making Accessibility a Core Design Principle

Accessibility is one of the crucial things to be considered during the production lifecycle. Even though it’s as important as other principles such as privacy, performance, security, creativity, internationalisation, usability, or interaction, accessibility is often left out, for many reasons. Great experts with experience in the field share thoughts on why and how to make accessibility a core design principle. Read more

UberEATS: UX Case Study

When you design for others, you should not rely on your own assumptions as they might differ substantially from what a user expects. Based on the interviews, usability testing, and research, the author discovered that many features offered in the UberEATS app are not so obvious for the end user and put forward her own solutions. There are a lot of great takeaways (pun intended!) from this case study, especially for designers in the on-demand industry. Read more

Let’s Talk About Anti-design.

“Anti-design as a philosophy was meant as something disposable, kitsch and ironic.” The author believes that it’s meant to convey the message from the artist/designer that she or he doesn’t care. Is anti-design the right fit for you and your project/corporation? Read more

The Benefits of Creating a Design System

The main goal of a Design System is to create focus and clarity for designers, giving all team members a holistic perspective on the methodologies and patterns they use. Externally, it builds a harmony within a platform, so the users can experience a sense of familiarity and security. How can your design team benefit from investing in a design system? Read more

Bad UX: How Booking.com Deceives Clients

With 1,400,000+ properties in 226 countries and 1,200,000 room nights booked per day, Booking.com should be a reliable platform to book your hotel for a dream holiday or a business trip. The user experience on the website doesn’t indicate that. Read more

Minimal UI for Maximum Impact

Twenty-four percent of users abandon an app after using it only one time, and only 37 percent of users use an app 11 or more times. There are many reasons behind such behaviour, but studies show that the failure to create a winning first impression and the user experience are a major reason behind the failure of some apps. How can you use design to impress your users? Read more

Augmented Reality

Deliver an immersive and engaging experience thanks to Apple's augmented reality (AR) technology, ARKit. What you should know about the technology? How can you use it and what are the main benefits? Read more

Netguru Product Design Team 1st on Dribbble Globally!

We are #1 Product Design team on Dribbble globally! Congrats to our ingenious designers! We couldn't be prouder! If you want to become a part of the dynamically growing team of talented designers, check our job opportunities! Read more

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