💥 Design Brief #61: Tiny Keyboard Problems, Scaling UX, Empathy in Design, Microcopy and User Testing

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Dawid Woźniak

Sep 15, 2017 • 5 min read

Welcome to the 61st edition of Design Brief, our weekly selection of news and tips from the design world.

The Tiny Keyboard Problem: Do People Complete Forms on Their Phones?

According to data from Priceonomics customer JotForm, desktop devices have 81 percent higher form submission rates than mobile. On top of that, longer forms were 225 percent more likely to be submitted on desktop. Both country and industry affect how many views it takes to get a form submitted. Read more

Scaling UX: A 4-Step Framework for Design Leaders

“The trick to scaling UX is creating a flexible framework that adapts to size and design maturity over time.” Based on his own research Jason Culbertson, Design Manager at Airbnb, created a framework with 4 areas of UX practice. With all a elements explained, the article can serve you well as a playbook for scaling UX. Read more

User Testing Day: How We Honed Our User Testing Strategy

”On the last Thursday of every month, the entire product team at Appcues spends the whole day gathering user feedback.” The so-called User Testing Day is a regular meeting in their office that has helped them effectively improve onboarding, scope new features, and launch Appcues 2.0 through user testing. It’s also sharpened the team’s skills as product owners and creators. Read more

How to Master Microcopy

“Microcopy  is the little bits of text that guide users through an experience.” A small yet powerful copy is a vital element of the design process from the very start. When done right, it can increase conversions, improve the rate of task completion and delight users. Read more

UX Designers: How To Improve Your Empathy To Be A Better Designer

What is empathy and what are the types of empathy? How does it work and why do we need it as designers? And finally, how can we improve our empathy and bring it into our design work? The answers to all these questions can be found in the article, which will definitely help you become a better designer. Read more

Illustrating Inclusive Communities

An insightful story of how the team at Airtasker designs for communities in terms of illustrations. Airtasker’s main goal is to find every possible way to represent the people that use the platform or the ones that might potentially join it. The article covers all important elements of illustrating personas such as skin tone, hair colour, age, gender, shape, or body language. Read more

Design Tools Are Running Out of Track. Here’s How We Can Fix Them

Many design tools are not well-adapted to building meaningful interactions that happen between the user and the application. They are focused on just “drawing pictures”, whereas they should manipulate the actual product, not a picture of it. What is the solution to such problems? How can we encourage designers to follow good practices? Read more

Designing for Attorneys. Case.One – Legal Practice Redefined

One of the latest projects by Netguru’s Product Design Team aims at giving more people the access to legal advice by making attorneys’ work easier. Case.One simplifies the administrative side of legal business and thus allows legal practitioners to focus on what they do best. An all-in-one tool, Case.One saves legal firms time and money. The app and its landing page have been designed to help firms easily monitor the cases they are working on and quickly deal with all aspects of legal work. Read more

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