💥 Design Brief #62: iPhone X’s AR, Isometric Illustrations, Sketch Symbols, SaaS On-Boarding and Parallel Chat

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Dawid Woźniak

Sep 22, 2017 • 6 min read

Welcome to the 62nd edition of Design Brief, our weekly selection of news and tips from the design world.

Creating Isometric Illustrations Made Simple with the Geometric Technique

As a Product Designer, you probably design illustrations on a daily basis. Isometric illustrations are one of many different styles and one of “the most favoured flavours of the illustrators these days”. How can we make them aesthetically pleasing in a way that a user can understand the product’s functionality better? Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Sketch Symbols

Creating a single symbol is easy. Building a flexible system of symbols requires more effort, planning, and perseverance. With this comprehensive step-by-step guide, you can take creating symbols in Sketch to the next level. Read more

“I Made This. Does It Go in the System?”

“Systems are never the repository for every style, component, and feature designed and built for every product ever. Instead, a system should include what’s shared across many products and omit what’s not.” How do we decide what belongs in a system and how do we convey what work remains to be done? Read more

It’s an Approach, Not a Process

The author looks at design from a slightly different perspective, thinking of it as an approach to solving problems rather than a process a design thinker goes through during a project. Would you agree with his arguments? Read more

Windblown, a Repository for Interface Experiments, Screen Interactions and Reusable Prototypes

Windblown is a collection of interface experiments, screen interactions, and reusable prototypes created by a Hong Kong-based creative and designer, Raul Arantes. All examples were made in Origami Studio and are free to download, use, and modify. Check them all out! Read more

How to Save Your Users From Getting Lost in the Empty State

A well-designed interface seamlessly guides a user through different – and very often unexpected – paths, helping out with all the issues that might pop up on the way. A good UI should focus on every aspect of the user journey. That’s why empty states, commonly known as errors, when well-designed, can lead to a better user experience. Learn what the best practices in this area are. Read more

Ultimate UX Design Guide to SaaS On-Boarding, Part 1: Sign-Up Forms

User onboarding on SaaS platforms often determines whether a prospective customer subscribes to a service. That’s why special emphasis should be placed on making the onboarding process as flawless as possible. How to design onboarding to make the process smooth and effortless? Read more

Parallel Chat — UI/UX Case Study of a New Chat Interaction

According to a study, Messenger and Whatsapp process more than 60 billion messages every single day. Chatting makes up a major part of our daily life. The author participated in UpLabs Chat Challenge, which involved creating a chat interaction flow for an app or website in accordance with a few rules. Read more

What Does the iPhone X’s AR Engine Mean for UX Designers?

Apple’s new flagship phone – iPhone X – is here! Alongside the usual incremental improvements, the arrival of iOS 11 delivers something more: a mainstream, mass-market mobile product that for the first time has an Augmented Reality (AR) engine baked right into the OS. How can you potentially use it? And more importantly are people going to use it at all? Read more

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