💥Design Brief #65: Journey Mapping, Designing Notifications, Mentorship, Gamification Mechanics, Flat Design And Type Design

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Dawid Woźniak

Oct 13, 2017 • 5 min read

Welcome to the 65th edition of Design Brief, our weekly selection of news and tips from the design world.

Journey Mapping Is Key to Gaining Empathy

Journey mapping is a tool used to understand how a user would experience your product – from discovering it to possibly coming back to it. Such analysis helps you visualise customer engagement and determine what you are doing well and where you can still improve the holistic user experience. How can this process help you gain user empathy? Read more

How To Design Notifications For Better UX

Designing app notifications in a way that they add extra value to users is one of the hardest tasks in building good UX. More often than not, notifications only annoy users. However, when they serve a purpose, they can help you connect with users who have abandoned apps and promote engagement. How can you make notifications work to your advantage? Read more

Be a Mentor

Many professionals from the web industry would agree that they owe many successes to their mentors who supported, inspired and helped them throughout their careers. Brandon Gregory, Development Team Lead in Intouch Solutions, shares his advice on how to be a good mentor. Read more

How We Use Principle to Prototype New Features And Experimental Designs

There are many different prototyping UI/UX tools you can choose from. Vimeo have decided that Principle for Mac will be their way to go. As the team points out, the tool doesn’t require coding experience or coding knowledge and thus has a relatively shallow learning curve. How can you leverage it in adding new features and experimental design? Learn about Vimeo’s experience. Read more

Gamification Mechanics in UX: Smart User Journey

Gamification is a technique of introducing gaming mechanics into a non-gaming environment. Professionals have leveraged it in marketing, HR, and design. Gamification can help designers create successful digital products and secure high levels of user engagement. In this article, you will learn how gamification can be used in a user journey. Read more

Flat Design: Why You Should Question Nielsen Norman’s Research on The Trendy Design Style

The Nielsen Norman Group is probably the most influential usability consultancy in the design industry. However, their recent publication “Flat UI Elements Attract Less Attention and Cause Uncertainty” raised controversy as their conclusions were not supported by the study that was done. What are the main issues and what should you pay attention to when using secondary usability research in your work? Read more

Getting Started With Type Design: A Personal Journey

Mathieu Triay has recently finished working on Marvin Visions, a modern reinterpretation of the typeface Marvin, originally designed in 1969 by Michael Chave. It can be challenging to know where to start, so Triay decided to share some useful tips and personal insights on how to design your own typeface. Read more

Photo of Dawid Woźniak

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