💥Design Brief #68: Spoilers in Design, A/B Testing, Microcopy, Accessibility, Design in Science and Conversational Design

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Dawid Woźniak

Nov 3, 2017 • 6 min read

Welcome to the 68th edition of Design Brief – our weekly selection of news and tips from the design world.

How Spoiling the Ending Improves UX

“Spoilers empower users to create their own experience, whilst always knowing precisely where they are within the wider context. By revealing more than a linear story would, we engage users far more effectively, and design experiences that are robust, and enjoyable to use.” How to implement spoilers in the design to build great user experience? Read more

A/B Testing - You’re Doing It Wrong

A/B testing enables you to test two different variations of your design and verify which one is more effective in achieving the specified goals. The article goes through superficial A/B tests, “the testing of cosmetic changes that distract teams from delivering meaningful customer value.” Read more

The Bastard Child UX: Microcopy

A microcopy provides a subtle but significant way to prod users through the action. A well-written microcopy will boost the user experience behind an action done in your app while, at the same time, clearly communicating the information and staying true to the tone/voice of your brand. The author provides valuable tips on writing a good microcopy. Read more

Stop Designing for Only 85% of Users: Nailing Accessibility in Design

While diversity and inclusion have become a priority in some of the biggest organisations, many creators still de-emphasise the visual interface. They don’t realise how poor visual design can hamper the user experience. The author discusses some of the most common visual impairments, focusing on colour-blindness, to explain how you can make small changes to your workflow and products to ensure you’re not excluding some groups of users. Read more

Facebook’s Shameless Copying of Snapchat and What It Means for Your Product Strategy

Snapchat launched Snapchat Stories in October 2013. What did Facebook do? They copied the idea across all their popular products: Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and the core Facebook app. What can you learn from that in terms of your product strategy? Read more

How Our New Design Principles Have Shaped the Way We Work at Domain

Domain is Australia’s top property app. It aims at informing, inspiring, and connecting people throughout the property lifecycle. Jon Hollamby, a Senior Designer at Domain shares how their team leverage design principles to achieve these goals and build a better design culture, better design outcomes, and, ultimately, a better experience for our users. Read more

Bringing Design to Science

“Science is one of the most important foundations of our modern world.” Over the years, we’ve seen designers leverage many scientific achievements and theories to build better user experiences and flawless interfaces. But in what way does design affect science? Read more

Designing for Human Memory

“The human brain is not optimised for the abstract thinking and data memorisation that websites often demand. Many usability guidelines are dictated by cognitive limitations.” So how can we design interfaces that eliminate confusion, and how can we lower the cognitive effort users need to make? Read more

The Cult of Conversational Design and Why Forms Aren’t Dead Yet

When Intercom built their live chat for sales solution, rather than relying on text alone, they incorporated a conversational UI along with one of the least fashionable interfaces – a form. What led them to this hybrid approach that uses other interactive elements within the conversation (e.g. buttons, cards, forms)? Read more

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