💥Design Brief #73: VR/AR Prototyping, Hick’s Law, Artificial Urgency on Slack, IBM Design and Site Search Design

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Dawid Woźniak

Dec 8, 2017 • 5 min read
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Welcome to the 73rd edition of Design Brief – our weekly selection of news and tips from the design world.

VR/AR Prototyping for Everyone

VR and AR are terms that have been with us for w while. However, with more and more developed technology, we’ve got more possibilities to design better user experiences in augmented reality. If you want to learn more about VR/AR prototyping with Framer.js, A-Frame, and AR.js this one is for you. Read more

There’s No Such Thing as “Minor Design Changes”

“Designers have to understand how digital products work beyond the surface layer.” Even the tiniest change in your product might lead profound to implications in many more areas of the product. Therefore, when you decide to implement a change in your design, you should think of the product holistically. The article is a summary of the original story published on Intercom’s blog. Read more

How Slack Hooks Users Through Artificial Urgency

Slack is an example of addictive software. The longer you use it, the harder it becomes to imagine your work life without it. In fact, the average user logs 140 minutes of active usage per weekday which is four times more than Facebook’s 35 minutes per day. What lures people to Slack and how does it change the way we communicate? Read more

The First 15 Seconds

“In the first 15 seconds of every new experience, people are lazy, vain, and selfish.” They don’t want to invest time and energy to read directions and understand the product. “Our default is to avoid things that take effort until we’re convinced of the benefits.” What does it mean for your product and how can you design it so that users will engage and interact with it? Read more

Hick’s Law: Making the Choice Easier for Users

“Hick’s Law is a simple idea that says that the more choices you present your users with, the longer it will take them to reach a decision.” It is an important rule that designers should consider when designing user experiences. On top of that, they should combine the law with other design principles to make it work effectively. How to do it? Read more

Inside IBM Design: The Era of Fetishizing the Process of Design Is Finally Ending

Anne Quito shares some insights from “The Loop”, a new documentary produced by InVision, about how IBM, the 109-year old corporation, takes a challenge of transforming into the world’s largest design-oriented company. What route did the company take and how did the process go? Read more

Best Practices for Site Search Design

Search is an inherent part of digital products today. It helps users find exactly what they’re looking for on your website. Therefore, it is vital that we build search experiences that are not only usable, but also really useful. In this guide, you’ll find valuable tips on how to the search functionality it properly. Read more

Photo of Dawid Woźniak

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