💥Design Brief #80: The UX of AI, The End of Material Design, Lootbox UX, Microsoft’s Getting Fluent and the Outdated Hamburger Menu

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Dawid Woźniak

Feb 1, 2018 • 4 min read

Welcome to the 80th edition of Design Brief – our weekly selection of news and tips from the design world.

The UX of AI

The Google UX team works across the company to bring UXers up to speed on core ML concepts. Check out the case study of using Google Clips, an intelligent camera designed to capture candid moments of familiar people and pets, to understand a human-centered approach to designing an AI-powered product. Read more

Bye bye Material Design

If you’re considering Material Design for your next project - you should rethink it. Material Design was built with not so much in-depth design knowledge that spans over centuries. Thus, it is not a good fit for most applications - at least for the rest of the 21st century. Learn more about the concept and discover arguments for why you should take a closer look at alternative guidelines. Read more

The User Experience of Lootboxes

Lootboxes, which can be described as a pay-to-win pattern, raised much controversy and were the number one gaming story in 2017. Many good games producers leveraged them in their products. Regardless their evil nature, the author tries to present key techniques which successful lootboxes use to create an exciting opening experience . Read more

Digital Design is Never Done

Two years ago, Microsoft introduced the completely rewritten and redesigned Mail and Calendar apps in Windows 10. Despite having good functionality and looking modern they still lacked some features that users expect. So they began thinking about the next iterations. The folowingt redesign was based on their new Fluent Design System. How did the process go? Read more

The Art of Storyboarding

“Mimi Chao is a storyteller and illustrator with magical ideas that resonate with the deepest parts of our human experience. She uses Concepts to create storyboarding layouts when working on books or illustrating for clients, and we’re privileged to have her tell about her process in our interview.” Read an interview with her and learn more about storyboarding. Read more

Glossier’s Mobile Navigation

“The hamburger navigation has seen a steep decline in the industry as a whole but it remains stubborn in e-commerce.” Jan-Niklas Kokott, Head of User Experience at Glossier, explains why his team also decided to abandon the hamburger menu for something more user-friendly. And why you should follow their lead. Read more

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