💥Design Brief #91: Design Process, Design Critiques, UX Lessons, Website Personalization Planning, Instant Inline Validation and Gradients

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Dawid Woźniak

Apr 19, 2018 • 6 min read

Welcome to the 91st edition of Design Brief – our weekly selection of news and tips from the design world.

Delicious Digital Design Process

Does design process have anything in common with a multicourse dinner? According to the author it does. Turischev Sasha, the founder & Art Director at Zajno will reveal a secret recipe to impress your clients through openness, using a nice food metaphor. His guide will help you survive in the competitive world of digital design. Read more

How to Figure Out if Your Product Actually Solves Problems

Shopify Flow is a simple automation tool that allows the most sophisticated Shopify merchants to build automated workflows that make decisions and take actions on their behalf. The tool’s creators have learned a few valuable lessons about the nature of risk and how to navigate ambiguity. A helpful read if you want to verify whether your product actually solves user problems. Read more

Getting the Most Out of Design Critiques

Why do some design critiques go really well, while others go sideways and make you wish you never came to work that day? Some reviews might leave you feeling inspired, while others will send you back to the drawing board, confused and distressed about what to do next. The author has a solution for you to make the most out of feedback you’re getting, even the negative one. Read more

Designing New Ways to Give Context to News Stories

Jeff Smith, a Product Designer of Facebook News Feed, shares how his team strives to design against misinformation by giving people the tools to make informed decisions about which stories to read, trust, and share. One of such tools is a new feature that has just been launched for News Feed. Here’s more information about it and the process of how it was created. Read more

UX Lessons I Wished I Learned Early

Many new UX practitioners often put pressure on themselves to be perfect, and they feel disappointed when things don’t go their way. There’s a lot more to UX than being correct. In this video, Hoa Loranger, Vice President at Nielsen Norman Group with over 20-year experience in UX, shares lessons learned she wished she had known earlier. Read more

Website Personalization Planning

Users’ expectations are high, and attention spans are short. There’s a multitude of alternative destinations if a website doesn’t present messaging, content, or functionality that immediately connects with what a visitor wants and needs. Website personalisation is a proven way to engage audiences more effectively. How to plan personalisation? Read more

Why Users Make More Errors with Instant Inline Validation

Two research studies, one with 77 participants and the other with 90 participants, concluded that users made significantly more errors completing a form if error messages were presented the moment a user wrongly filled out a field. Here is why instant inline validation might not be the best solution. Read more

Design with Gradients

Designing a UI requires lots of deep thinking behind. So does the usage of gradients. Bringing gradients to your user interfaces might seem easy, but you need to be careful while doing this. Overdoing gradients will take you too far from the realistic approach. Here’s a full guide on how to leverage gradients and when, under any circumstances, not to use them. Read more

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