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Idea and evaluation

Helpr founders came up with an idea for a platform that would make the British social care system more efficient. They needed to partner with a software developer that would build the backend and frontend for web, iOS and Android apps. The project is run as a social enterprise and puts quality of service before profit.

Key project information

Technologies used in this project:

Product Design

We craft delightful user experiences for digital products and solve real human problems through beautiful interfaces.

Take a look at Helpr app designs on Behance or browse through design examples below:

  • Web app

    Creating new assignments is easy, intuitive and allows for specifying all of the client’s requirements and special conditions for the assignments. Helpr’s dashboard helps supervisors track managers, carers, assignments and alerts in real time, which allows for greater control, transparency and safety for all users.

  • Assignments

    Helpr is, in essence, an open market of assignments for certified care workers. The system displays assignments posted by local authorities or clients’ close ones.
  • Billings

    From the care managers and supervisors’ perspective, Helpr is, first and foremost, a web app that displays data about assignments, clients and billing in the clearest way possible.

Great design is a key to success

Product Design strives to deliver beautiful and usable products that solve user problems. In Helpr we were responsible for creation of:
User Interface Design
Craft user interfaces that impress customers from the first moment.
User Experience Design
We built a product that is not only beautiful but also provide exceptional UX.
We designed custom illustrations that affect users’ mood, emotions and decisions.

Software Development

The first phase of the product design and software development took us 5 months . We delivered: a complicated web based system for authorities to procure and manage care needs, two mobile apps, a system for monitoring care partners.

  • Functionalities

    We used several front-end, back-end as well as mobile technologies to cover all requirements and features designed for Helpr.
    Technologies used
    Months of development

Key information on Helpr software development

In Helpr we used the following technologies:
Ruby on Rails
One of the most developer friendly web application framework.
Open-source Java-Script web framework for scalable single-page web applications.
A programming language developed by Apple and used for iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS
Different languages and libraries used to develop apps for Android devices.

Support and management

The project is done, but the product is never finished. We offered to guard its quality and support continuous improvement.
Quality Assurance
Guardian support services, keeping products bugs-free.
Our way to deliver projects at high velocity.
Development and design enhancements for services.

Helpr project summary

Helpr is perceived differently by the different types of users. Clients are able to post assignments and to easily access care workers’ services. Care workers receive training, help with logistics and communication with other users, and financial security. Care managers and supervisors, on the other hand, see Helpr as a tool that gives them greater control of the social care market in their area.

All of this combined makes for a complex system that was a challenge to develop. It is, however, a worthwhile endeavour, as it has the capacity to help a great number of people.

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