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Ready to create a mobile app for your business? Starting from as little as a business concept to mobile app development, Netguru covers the entire application development process. We have years of experience in mobile app development services (in building both native and cross-platform solutions) in the area of healthcare, social networking, FinTech, digital community etc.

Our team of 500+ (UI/UX designers, full-stack developers, quality assurance, business analysts) allows us to deliver well-designed and optimized custom mobile app development solutions for both iOS and Android mobile platforms, in turn increasing the productivity of a business enterprise. The main reason behind custom mobile apps is that they not only help business owners transform their unique ideas into reality, but also help them deliver personalized UX.

Our team of experienced iOS and Android developers can deliver robust applications using native technologies like Swift, Objective-C, Java or Kotlin, but Netguru also delivers cross-platform hybrid applications (React Native) that run both iOS and Android using a single code base, and Progressive Web Apps. We follow an agile app development process to develop our mobile applications.

Netguru is a top mobile development company working for brands across the globe. As a leading mobile application development company, our mobile development and consulting services are designed to help you create an Android or iOS app, but also scale your team and transition to agile development techniques.

Countr: Mobile app powered with Machine Learning

Countr has turned to Netguru at the beginning of January 2018. After the initial code review and a scoping session, the Netguru team started designing a product that would be in line with the client’s requirements.
After nine months of very intense cooperation the team delivered the new version of the product. Main achievements included:
1. Creating a personalized experience thanks to an accurate ML-based recommendation system.
2. Making the product appealing and understandable to the target audience.
3. Receiving very positive feedback from a wide audience.

Working with Netguru has been a fantastic experience. We’ve received a lot of support in terms of thinking about how do we track metrics, how do we design this properly, and how do we build the architecture.
Manon Roux, Founder at Countr

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We care for our apps to be beautiful, pixel
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Do you need a mobile app development company?

As mobile applications become vital for more and more industries, your choice of mobile app development company carries added importance. Making the decision to build a mobile app is about increasing and improving your business. A mobile app is a great way to connect directly with your customers right in their pocket.

You've got a great idea for a new mobile app that's going to be useful, interesting and change the world. More than half of a million mobile apps are developed and added to the App Store and Google Play store every year. The market is tough and only the best apps will thrive. In terms of efficiency, hiring a mobile development company seems to be the best option for long-term projects and complex mobile application development.

By choosing a professional mobile app development company you get a team of skilled and experienced developers and designers managed by a professional project manager. The PM's role is ensuring effective communication and cooperation within your team. The PM reports to you, keeping you informed about the development process.

How to choose a mobile app development company?

The process of selecting a mobile development company is important for businesses and entrepreneurs. Depending on your project’s goals and its current state, you might be interested in various complementary services before starting actual mobile app development.

Starting from Ideation and Strategy, we sit down with your team to study your idea and devise not only a technical solution, but also the business side of the project and its future growth. Together we can evaluate your business case, prepare market and competition research, create a proof of concept, as well as design security and scalability roadmaps.

UX and UI Design is an important phase of mobile app development. Our top Dribbble team can create wireframes, mockups, and clickable prototypes. At every stage, user-centric analysis is performed with the goal to create a clean, pixel-perfect UI that is consistent and engaging across all platforms.

With more than 10 years of experience in software engineering and mobile development, our expert developers know how to build a perfect app, including great user experience at the front-end and reliable, scalable and great performing back-end solutions. From day one we put Quality Assurance and DevOps experts to work on your project.

Custom mobile development

To suit the dynamic mobile business requirements, custom apps are required. A custom-built application can be partially or fully personalized to address a particular audience and offer solutions for a specific user-base. Netguru creates innovative custom mobile applications with flawless designs and user-friendly interfaces.

Custom mobile applications improve efficiency, convert prospects into customers, retain them, fulfill your business requirements, and act as comprehensive apps. Custom mobile development offers high scalability and unique features and functions for your application when your business grows. This is the major reason why custom mobile app development is a great choice to make a difference and an attractive option for your business.

Cross-platform development

Choosing the right technology for your mobile app is a key decision that will determine the success of your endeavour. When planning a cross-platform mobile app, you need to make sure that the underlying tech ensures stable performance and adequate user-friendliness. On top of that, it must enable you to create a beautiful, memorable UI.

With cross-platform solutions, which handle iOS and Android, there is no need to build separate projects. Cross-platform applications are built as a single project but support different devices. It is possible to reuse a big part of an app's code between platforms, and that makes development much quicker and about 30% cheaper.

Cross-platform software development can guarantee a wider audience. No matter which platform has a bigger market, it is always better when you don't have to choose which platform should be covered first.

Not every app can be built with a cross-platform solution. There are many cases when it’s better to stick to native development. However, it’s always worth considering cross-platform development, as it significantly decreases the time and cost of development. For relatively small applications without specific platform requirements, React Native or a similar framework can be a perfect match.

Netguru as a mobile development company

At Netguru, we stay true to our philosophy - developing a mobile app combines great design, top-notch technology, and understanding of business values. We make sure that every mobile solution we build invigorates the business value of our clients and exceeds their goals and expectations.

As a mobile app development company with more than 10 years of market experience, we provide expertise in both native and hybrid app development. We deliver iOS and Android applications with a strong focus on usability, UX optimized design, best mobile performance, and integrations with other software.



Netguru's efforts translate into tangible results. The company itself and our specialists individually have been apprieciated in both local communities and on the international arena. We received many awards for our projects, and Netguru's culture and values have been recognised by well-established organisations.

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Mobile developers at Netguru build native apps for iOS and Android devices,
translating your ideas into apps your customers can enjoy.

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Trust is a foundation for great products

Our clients often cooperate with us for many years, launching various products. It's because we always strive to become trusted technological partners who care to provide more than just software development expertise. Thanks to that, we work as an extension of our clients’ teams rather than an outsourcing agency.

Netguru is a great service provider. I like working with the team, it’s super professional, and they’re nice people to work with.

Asaf Davidi
VP of Product, temi

Netguru helped train our own developers. We stuck with the tech we set out for. It’s gone really well.

Jonathan Uy
CTO of Shine

The overall feeling is that Netguru are not a different company but a part of one Campsited team. I like their communication methods.

Finan O'Donoghue,
Founder and director at Campsited
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Mobile developers at Netguru build native apps for iOS and Android devices, translating
your idea into apps your customers can enjoy.

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