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Technology is transforming our lives, but rapid growth comes at a price. When designing your next product or service, we are looking at the bigger picture. Our sustainability design consultants experts will help you deliver solutions for a sustainable future.

If you have considered these questions before, it means you're in the right place to get started!

Sustainability has become a priority for many sectors, impacting people, planet and profits. Vast as it may seem, we have done it before — and so will you.
  • It is estimated that the real estate sector currently accounts for as much as 39% global greenhouse gas emissions (link).
  • It also produces gigantic amounts of waste – according to forecasts, in 2025 this will reach 2.2 billion tons
  • Offices account for 8 percent of our overall building stock, and we spend up to 90,000 hours of our lives in them. But existing sustainable building standards place little emphasis on the behavior and wellbeing of office users, and are based instead on conventional cost-benefit analysis (link)
  • Also RE happens to be the second biggest cost of any organization, only after payroll.
Netguru has been our biggest and leading investor into our product development. The partnership allows us to build the best in class product, while in the process both teams are contributing to the impactful cause of increasing clean energy access in sub-Saharan Africa and remote regions in the world.

Leroy T. Nyangani

Co-Founder and Team Lead at NeedEnergy

What's in it for you?

Make your company stand out with sustainability by proactively leading the conversation.
  • Grow with care

    Purposeful Real Estate portfolio management can deliver actual impact on climate action
  • Increase efficiency

    Creating healthier spaces for your employees and user.
  • Reduce turnover

    Improving the financial and operational performance
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Frequenly asked questions

When designing for sustainability, we are focusing on the impact your service is having on the environment and the society. By incorporating the triple bottom line perspective — that is, People, Planet, and Profit — we look beyond the value delivered to end users and take into consideration all aspects of the solution.

We look at not only what is delivered, but how it is done. Such an approach allows us to define and design tailored solutions and recommendations that will help you generate a unique and sustainable value proposition for existing or future customers.

Is this a trap?

Not really. We just want to work with your company. As our mission says, we think providing an affordable workshop into this relationship is a really great first step.

What's the catch?

Well, there are some. We might say "no" to some (for example unethical) ideas you would like to work on. And depending on resources you may have to wait for us to assemble a team.

Can I send this to a friend?

Sure! Just make sure they work at the same company that you do. Feel free to pass this offer around the office.

Gain competitive advantage and drive positive impact simultaneously

As a B-corp certified company, we take sustainability seriously and we know how to help you on the journey towards a better future. Our world class experts will take care of every aspect of the solution. Whether you need data analytics to measure your carbon footprint, powerful data visualizations or you are on a mission to help your users lead a sustainable life, we have got you covered.

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krzysztof grzeszczuk

Krzysztof Grzeszczuk

Senior Innovation Consultant

Krzysztof has experience in managerial roles across operations, technology, product management and innovation, focusing on solutions for a sustainable future.

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