A one-of-a-kind digital design team of more than 60 individuals, changing the world one project at a time. Working as partners with clients ranging from small local startups to global enterprises, their work impacts millions of lives every day. Considering how passionate they are about sharing their experience with the community, you may have seen one of our designers speaking at a conference near you, wherever in the world you might be. 
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Out of 349 applications we received in the first half of 2018, we hired only 12 designers. It makes the recruitment process very competitive. Not only we want to attract the best talent, but we’re also looking for people who would be the right fit for our team. What does it mean? I spoke to some of our designers and the recruitment team to get some insights on what we expect from our potential designers. Here are some tips on how you can increase the chances of joining the world-class Product Design Team at Netguru.
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7 Best Designer Tools for 2019 - Netguru Radar

Have you wondered what’s behind the beautiful digital products you try to replicate in your designs? Great talent would be the first thing – that’s for sure. It takes skills, experience and precision to build delightful user interfaces. However, no designer would be effective in their work without a set of great tools. How do you find the ones that help you become more productive and make your designs amaze users? Here are the top picks from our Product Design Team.
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Developing your skills as a designer is crucial to taking your career in the right direction on this competitive market. Product design is, however, a conglomeration of many disciplines: graphic design, interaction design, motion design, UI and UX design, just to name a few - and that’s on top of understanding and serving your clients’ business goals. How, then, can you stay abreast of new developments in your field, keep constantly polishing your skills, and stay sane?
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Tools for Effective Design Collaboration in Sketch

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned throughout my career is that there’s no such thing as a “complete”, all-round, full-stack, genius designer. Design is a collaborative sport, so the question is: how to collaborate in a smart and efficient way when multiple people work remotely on the same files? In Netguru, it’s a challenge we face every day as a 30+ strong team, often working remotely in pairs or small groups. We create our designs in Sketch, so we took a closer look at tools that we can integrate with Sketch to make our collaborative efforts more efficient.
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