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Earn up to EUR 39 213 per year the way you like with Netguru

Netguru is a consultancy, product design, and software development company founded in 2008. We build digital products that let people do things differently. Netguru has become one of the fastest-growing companies in the EU, recognized by the Financial Times, Deloitte, and Forbes.

The company works with both the largest brands in the world, such as Volkswagen and IKEA, as well as fast-growing startups in the financial ( solarisBank), education ( Babbel), or even robotics ( Temi) industries.

As a Certified B Corporation®, we offer a safe, inclusive, and productive environment for all team members.

With 14 years of experience in the software industry, over 900 employees on board, and more than 600 international projects finished, Netguru is a proven partner for tech-minded experts.


Build your career as Data Engineer with Netguru

Key information

  • Required skills: Python, SQL, Spark/Glue, ETL (Airflow), Snowflake, English B2+ level.
  • Nice to have: AWS Redshift/GCP BigQuery, Scala, Hadoop, TB+, cloud, HDFS/Parquet/Avro.
  • We offer: remote work, flexible working hours, dev-friendly processes. We will be expanding Netguru's presence in countries with the highest interest.
  • Cooperation options: you can choose a form of cooperation that fits you best: long-term cooperation or a project-based contract.

Salary brackets

  • Data Engineer:
    EUR 16 830 - 25 244 Gross per year (Employment Contract via local Entity)
  • Senior Data Engineer:
    EUR 26 591 - 39 213
    Gross per year (Employment Contract via local Entity)

Curious about your tasks?

You'll be responsible for:

  • Developing products for our clients from all over the world.
  • You will work in Agile environment as a member of a self-organizing team and help the team achieve its goals.
  • Helping the team to find solutions to issues.
  • Good news: you won’t have to manage the project as each project has a dedicated Project Manager.
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What's in it for you?

Joining Netguru as a Data Engineer means:

  • Working with the Data Engineering and Machine Learning team to build custom data pipelines.
  • Working with external clients, teams, data owners, and solution architects to build data flows in a reliable way.
  • Building transformations, scripts, and migrations to multiple specifications and standards.
  • Data-driven mindset - our clients require PoCs, data exploration/normalization, and expertise.
  • Monitoring data flows and making continuous improvements to data pipelines.
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Ready to apply?

First, check if you...

  • Are advanced in Python programming language (understanding: iterators, generators, exceptions, OOP, popular libraries for data engineering).
  • Have advanced SQL knowledge.
  • Have practical knowledge of DevOps t.j. CI, CD, terraform, observability.
  • Have experience with Apache Spark / AWS Glue, or similar solutions.
  • Have experience with ETL (Airflow) or other data processing automation approaches.
  • Have experience with Snowflake.
  • Have a very good command of written and spoken English (B2+). Polish is not required.
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Bonus points for…

Nice to haves:

  • Experience with AWS Redshift or GCP BigQuery.
  • Experience with coding in Scala.
  • Have hands-on experience with Hadoop technologies or equivalent in the cloud environment.
  • Experience optimizing data storage in HDFS/Parquet/Avro.
  • Experience with cloud technologies (AWS, GCP, Azure or other).
  • Worked with data (ideally TB+).
  • Can debug complex data infrastructures.
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Join us as Data Engineer

Salary brackets:
  • Data Engineer:
    EUR 16 830 - 25 244 Gross per year (Employment Contract via local Entity)

  • Senior Data Engineer:
    EUR 26 591 - 39 213
    Gross per year (Employment Contract via local Entity)

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