Netguru is a Ruby on Rails and mobile agency with an Android flavour.

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Netguru is a leading Ruby on Rails agency and we use Mandrill's fully supported Ruby client libraries to develop on any of their services.

We handle your SMTP or deep API integrations with Mandrill so that your web app can easily deploy transactional email services.


Netguru supports Mandrill webhook coding for custom event notifications, push notifications and analytics tracking in real-time.

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Why Android + Rails + Netguru?

When you combine the possibilities of Android with the smart mobile development process, you can be sure of great results. At Netguru, we pay close attention to mobile-centered UX for every app. Delivering the highest quality of products is our prerogative. How do we achieve this?

Firstly, we use unit tests. Secondly, we make continuous review processes - an important part of our workflow. Starting with mandatory code review, developers give each other feedback that that allows us to ship first quality code. The Quality Assurance teamlooks out for bugs before your users ever will. The Project Management team takes care of perfect communication flow and guarantees that you’ll get your product exactly as you want it, on time, ready to go. Interested? Leave us your email address, and we’ll be glad to contact you back!

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