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Netguru is a leading Ruby on Rails agency and we use Mandrill's fully supported Ruby client libraries to develop on any of their services.

We handle your SMTP or deep API integrations with Mandrill so that your web app can easily deploy transactional email services.


Netguru supports Mandrill webhook coding for custom event notifications, push notifications and analytics tracking in real-time.

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Why AngularJS + Rails + Netguru?

AngularJS and Rails are both powerful frameworks for building web apps. Together, they can result in applications with elegant front-end architecture and reliable back-end code.

AngularJS offers a comprehensive framework and speedy approach for web development. It extends the power of HTML in your web applications, allowing our developers to add incredible web features and functionality in no time. The markup lives in the DOM, making it simple to improve or adapt to any client needs rapidly. Angular is supported by a huge professional community with countless libraries available for custom work, making it the framework of choice for some of the greatest apps out there.

Meanwhile, Rails offers the ultimate back-end framework for reliability and bulletproof architecture to power Angular. At netguru, our developers combine Ruby on Rails expertise with AngularJS to bring our clients rapid web application development and faster webpage loading, under an Agile development approach.

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Property Detective

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