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How To Present App Updates To The Client

Sometimes the client is perfect. S/he clicks through the app every day before going to sleep, knows enough about technology to understand your standup meeting, sees progress and is actually interested in the app creation process...

… but in most cases it's only wishful thinking. This is why running a product demonstration during weekly standups is a good way to keep the client updated and gather his/her feedback.  But how do you present app updates?


1. Prepare fake data in the app earlier

If the presented feature depends on other information from the app, it’s good to have the data prepared before the demonstration. Don’t waste time for adding content to the page or creating some fake requests.


2. Make a video of the functionality

Remember: if something can go wrong during the presentation, it most probably will. It’s safer to prepare a short walk-through video of a functionality that you want to present. Showing it on the video will let you focus on talking, not on clicking.

Tools you can use for taking a quick video:

  • QuickCast
  • QuickTime Player

3. Ask questions

Make sure that the client understands what you are talking about. Make short breaks while speaking, ask questions as: “Is everything clear?”, “Do you understand it?”, etc.


4. Make a draft of what you will be talking about

A lot of things to cover? Make a list of them in order to stay on track. Point out the most important improvements and features from the past week. Prepare the outline of what you want to speak about.


5. Talk only about the most important issues

You made a bunch of small bugs, copywriting changes and moving pixels around? Don’t show it all. Show only the most important things from each week. You don’t know what WAS the most important thing? Ask your PM or team leader, s/he will help you to choose the features and bugs most relevant to the client :)


6. How long should my demo take?

Of course it depends on the complexity, but the better you prepare it, the shorter it will be. Maximum time for presentation itself should be 15 minutes.

In case you run into trouble with any part of demonstration preparations, always ask your PM for help. Or, take a look into an ebook prepared from the know-how we've gathered so far :)

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How To Present App Updates To The Client