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How To Automate Local App Setup Process Using bin/setup

Recently I did some research on creating an interactive bin/setup script that can lead developer, who joined a new project, through app local setup process.
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Things to Remember When Working with Sidekiq

Even though the free version of Sidekiq lacks a few useful features, it’s still the most popular background processing gem for Ruby on Rails apps thanks to its performance and reliability. In Netguru it’s mostly used for time consuming tasks such as sending emails to customers or long database queries. There are few things you must remember about when working with Sidekiq.
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Development Tips

Here's a list of a few development tips you should know - they will help you to boost efficiency during development (and work in general).
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Intercom is a popular marketing and consumer communication tool. Intercom integration in your Ruby on Rails app is not complicated and, thanks to this guide, you should be able to do it in no time.  
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Sometimes the client is perfect. S/he clicks through the app every day before going to sleep, knows enough about technology to understand your standup meeting, sees progress and is actually interested in the app creation process...
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