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Flawless React/Redux testing with the Jest framework part 1

Testing a React/Redux app can be a problem. Recently, with new tools being created every day, choosing the right tool has become harder than ever. In this article, I will show you how you can use Jest to get your tests done.
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How To Learn React - Resources And Learning Materials

If you are trying to learn React, we have some good links to begin with which will help you understand the most important topics around this framework. Enjoy!
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How To Use Session Object In Ruby on Rails With React

When trying to use fetch in React to GET, POST, etc. you can't use current_user in controller because you don't have Session object available. Session returns: #ActionDispatch::Request::Session:0x7ffc75e90a88 not yet loaded Solution You need to add credentials: 'include' to fetch params. Read the explainer here:        
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