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Volkswagen Home is a first-in-the-world boutique for the world’s largest automotive brand. Volkswagen wanted to design a place where customers felt compelled to buy through a combination of cosiness and luxury to make them feel at home. The target group was aspiring middle class and the goal was clear - but the road to get there would prove a challenge.

The report that changed it all 

Volkswagen interviewed about one million customers who bought a car in the past ten years. Based on the insights from the report, Netguru team helped shape the idea for the store.

Creative workshops to design an excellent customer exeprience 

Netguru's workshops helped create a completely new buying experience - with a little touch of home, the average customer spend increased significantly.

Beginnings of a revolutionary client journey 

The teams analyzed the automotive sales funnel and deconstructed it to see its fundamental parts. This is how the foundations for the 'Volkswagen Home Bible' were crafted.


Valuable insights, developed in 3 days 

We had to find a completely different way to approach clients - something they had never seen before. Research showed us that clients actually valued the service as much as the car, in some cases even more so. So we got to work resolving this challenge - how can we deliver unprecendented customer service?

Design the customer experience 

The workshops resulted in designing every possible interaction with customers, from arriving at the parking lot to coffee service, and, finally, the goodbye.

Netguru helped Volkswagen “reach the second floor” 

Volkswagen Home opened in October 2017, without much fanfare or even an awareness campaign, as a building in front of their windows was still under construction.

The average sale price at VW Home is now €1K higher than in traditional sales channels.

One in two customers of VW Home chose a car with a better, more expensive direct-shift gearbox (DSG), increasing the market average to 25%.

“We have built a grand and impressive building. But without Netguru’s insights, we would be stuck on the ground-floor forever.” 

Artur KryzanCX Manager at Volkswagen

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