WEBINAR: How to Build and Implement Machine Learning Models

Have you considered using Machine Learning at your company? Or maybe you’ve already tried to deploy it but you need further guidance on how to do it properly? Join our webinar to learn how to build and implement Machine Learning models.

ML webinar September


Get a chance to learn:


  • how to use machine learning in the most effective way;

  • how to avoid mistakes; 

  • how to minimize the risks connected to machine learning solutions;

  • what KPIs to look at;

  • the best use cases for ML in various industries;

  • how to automate operational processes.


The webinar will be run by battle-tested ML experts. You will receive vital tips on how to get started, how to identify business wins, and how to mitigate any risks involved. You will have a chance to learn real use cases that you can implement in your business.

How to build and implement machine learning models - webinar