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Keep the forbidden words out of your mouth and stun your friends with clever, unexpected wordings.

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How to play

Keep the forbidden words out of your mouth and stun your friends with clever, unexpected wordings!

teams explanation

Form twoteams

The numbers of players in each team don’t have to be equal. It’s a turn-based game: when Team A is presenting, Team B is watching


Describe thekeywords

Choose your words wisely when describing the keywords! Avoid the listed forbidden words and remember not to use gestures or make sounds.

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manipulating cards

Accumulate points

A team scores one point for each guess. If the opposite team calls your team out on breaking the rules, you lose one point. If a draw occurs, the team with less skipped card wins.

Unlimited fun for free, give it a try now!

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Wordguru - Game written in PWA and Vue.js
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