Machine Learning in Fintech for Execs. Join Our Free Workshop on 12 July 2019 at Level 39 in London!

Have you ever considered using Machine Learning to improve your business, but didn't know how to start? Join us for a full-day free workshop!

Get a chance to learn:


  • how to get started with an ML project;
  • what KPI's to look at;
  • how to identify if your business is ML-ready;
  • the best use cases of ML in Finance;
  • how to manage risk and expectations.


Why you should sign up:


  • the workshop will be run by battle-tested ML experts;
  • you will vital tips on how to get started, how to identify business wins and how to mitigate any risks involved;
  • you will have a chance to learn from others' experiences and get answers to your most burning questions.

Machine Learning in Fintech - workshops by Netguru