Want to make a smart investment in design as a startup? Join Our Free Workshop on 28 June 2019 at betahaus Berlin!

Product Design builds delightful experiences for your Users but it should do way more – in fact, it should build your business. In our free workshop we will explain how we not only tackle UX and visual challenges, but strategically build your business performance by applying strategic mindset to design.

You will learn:


  • how to build Business Value by aligning design thinking with Product strategy,
  • how to ideate Digital Products and validate these concepts,
  • what typical pitfalls startups fall into, and how to approach avoiding them,
  • how to optimise the costs by strategically investing in the right scope,
  • how to measure the performance of your Digital Products,
  • how to iteratively improve your Product to increase its Business Value,
  • how a systematic approach to design boosts your business and when to invest in it.

How to Invest in Design as Startup - workshops by Netguru