Design Process for Pros

A free resource that will help you understand the design process and improve the quality of your work.
  1. Project overview & steps
  2. Project introduction & setup
  3. Discovery
  4. Ideation & concept
  5. Wireframing
  6. Testing
  7. Design
  8. Implementation
  9. Project termination

What you can learn with our design process ebook?

We collected the knowledge of several experienced design professionals, and made it free for personal use. It can help you create higher-quality designs, streamline processes, and reduce mistakes.

  • Best practices. Learn about tried strategies our team has been implementing and improving over years of cooperation with clients. Our company culture involves constant development and learning within the team, so we have collected a wealth of knowledge.
  • Processes and tools. Our designers use tools that allow for the highest level of cooperation and the highest quality of work. It has always been important to us to keep our projects aligned with each other, to make them measurable, easy to explain to clients, and easy to improve globally.
  • Communication. Communication within the design team is crucial to any project’s success, and so is good communication with other departments (e.g. the software developers building the project) and the client. We have many ways to facilitate this.
  • Client success. Contact with the client can’t be neglected, whether it’s during the beginning of the project, the scoping session, a product design sprint, or the handover phase. The client is a source of valuable knowledge on the project. The way they feel about cooperation determines the final outcome.

Design experts about the ebook

Learn from our time-tested strategies, and unlock your creativity. See what our experts have to say.

  • We created a unified Netguru design process out of necessity and realised we need to share it with the community.
    bartosz bialek photo

    Bartosz Białek

    Design Director
  • This ebook was created with care for the smallest details. Every element of interaction with the user has been thought through so that it is a pure pleasure to read.
    Pola Leszczyńska

    Pola Leszczyńska

    Product Designer
  • We exposed Netguru's design secrets and shared our knowledge about building products that do not fail on the market.
    Pachytel Łukasz 1

    Łukasz Pachytel

    Lead Designer

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