Environmental Impact

server room with the view over the wind farm carbon emissions from software midjourney

Environmental impact and carbon footprint

Sources of CO2 emissions


(first year of calculation)



Total CO2 emissions in all 3 scopes

391 tons

376 tons

362 tons

Main sources of emissions:

Energy consumption in offices (scope 2)

36 tons

222 tons

152 tons
Energy consumption by laptops and monitors (scope 2) 238 tons 46 tons 73 tons
Business travel (scope 3) 36 tons 20 tons 113 tons (increase in number of business trips)
Cloud computing (scope 3) 31 tons (estimated data) 37 tons (estimated data) 5 tons (data based on supplier consumption)

Step one

In 2020, as a result of the B Corporation certification process, Netguru estimated its carbon footprint for the first time. The certification classified Netguru as a company with a minor environmental impact (Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint).

Step two

At the end of 2020, Netguru joined the second edition of the Climate Leadership program under the auspices of UNEP/GRID and conducted the company's first emission calculations with the support of external experts. The main sources of emissions were identified (in the table above).

Netguru stores data on cloud servers: GCP, AWS, and Azure. Employees and the company mainly use the three mentioned, the remaining data is directly stored and processed in the infrastructures of clients and external projects.

In 2021, as a result of participation in the Climate Leadership Program, the Company declared a goal of emission neutrality by 2025 and began calculating emissions in all three scopes (direct, indirect, and value chain).

Step three

Offsetting unavoidable emissions: A partnership with Tergo

In 2022, a partnership with Tergo and compensation for unavoidable carbon dioxide emissions for 2021 through an agroforestry program in Belize. Find out more

The agroforestry project in Belize (Central America) is being implemented by the Polish startup Tergo. This project not only removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere but also has a positive impact on the local community and biodiversity, based on high-quality carbon credits.

Netguru ESG Statement for 2022