Introduction – Netguru's ESG Statement

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In 2020, by joining the B Corporation movement, Netguru S.A. committed to co-creating sustainable economic development. In accordance with the B Corporation Declaration of Interdependence, the company's management believes that every business should be conducted in a way that benefits everyone and does not harm anyone.

Following this, in 2022, the company formally included in its statute a commitment to long-term and positive impact on the world and to taking into account the voice of stakeholders in the decision-making process.

The purpose of publishing this statement on non-financial information is:

  • Transparently communicate data related to the company's impact on the environment and society, and to enable stakeholders to access this information;
  • Prepare for the requirements of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and future Environmental Social Governance (ESG) data reporting obligations; at the moment, Netguru S.A. is not required by law to report this type of data;
  • Inspire other companies, with a particular focus on the IT sector. The company's management is convinced that transparent sharing of ESG actions is important for the role that businesses play in the world.

The information contained in the report includes selected key indicators from all areas listed in the ESG reporting guidelines issued by the Warsaw Stock Exchange (GPW) for companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (GPW). The key indicators relate to corporate governance, environment and society, as well as to data relevant to the technology sector.

The data is for 2022, but in selected cases, also for 2021 as a supplement to the context in the first such compilation.

Netguru ESG Statement for 2022