Netguru's Path to Sustainability

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Key decisions on the road to responsible business development


🏢 Establishment of the company, introduction of the possibility of full-time remote work for most employees and contractors;


💸 Introduction of transparent salary ranges, published in job postings;


🙅 First resignation from a client for ethical reasons: refusal to develop a digital application for hunters;

📑 First pro bono project for the international organization Pure Earth ( an application for reporting environmental pollution);

👩‍💻 Creation of the Sustainability Lead position in the company and the first strategic workshop with company stakeholders;

⭐ Accession to the United Nations Global Compact Poland;


B Corporation certification

🔮 Revision of the company's vision for sustainable development: Sustainable, digital world where everyone can realize their full potential;

👣 Participation in the UNEP GRID Climate Leadership program and the first calculations of the company's carbon footprint;

🙋 Co-founding of the Tech To The Rescue movement to strengthen the digital competencies of the non-profit sector;


✅ Achievement of CO2 emissions neutrality for 2021;

📋 Formal inclusion of stakeholder governance and purpose clause in the Netguru Statute.

Netguru ESG Statement for 2022